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How We Will Work

Our Concept

Our Consortium

Over 12,000 members – all Christ-followers and many mental health professionals – are being hand-selected to aid us in choosing content, assist us in steering those in need (searchers) around obstacles, and identify church and community resources across the nation. Members will also be linked directly to one another by Minds Renewed’s members-only intranet. Their charitable gifts will provide most of our operating budget.

Our Web Content

Our members will help us evaluate, curate, and communicate the best mental health information on the web. Rather than create new content, we will link searchers to the most useful, easiest to understand content already available. Our links will also help searchers find other organizations and ministries that might meet their needs directly.

Our Web Platform

Through our platform anyone with internet access will be able to access our content easily using either mobile or desktop devices. Our goal is to be able to answer 80% of questions on the website. For the hardest questions, searchers can use our anonymous, double-blind, two-way text chat with our volunteer Navigators. Navigators will be also able to poll Consortium members nationwide who have expertise in the area of need.

Our Navigators: A Special Subset of Consortium Members

Navigators will be specially trained, expertly supervised volunteers who serve searchers anonymously through text chat. They will steer them to resources on the site and to other resources suggested by Consortium members. At times they will send searchers to Consortium members who volunteer to be contacted directly.

Our African American Initiative

Currently Minds Renewed is conducting a research study to assess the opportunity to build out the African American representation within the Consortium membership in one of our earliest stages of building diversity into the Consortium as a whole. Research shows that the cultural sensitivity and competency of providers of counseling and healthcare are key to both good outcomes and to the willingness of those in need to seek assistance. Minds Renewed hopes that by making it far easier for African Americans generally and African American church leaders particularly to find counselors and providers that are a good fit, we will assist in removing barriers to effective and affordable care. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Minds Renewed needed?

85% of therapists who identify with the Christian faith say it is. We surveyed a random sample of the 11,400 counselors, psychologists and psychiatrists on the Psychology Today Therapist Finder who chose “Christian” under the faith menu. 93% said our concept is feasible and nearly 50% said they were likely to apply if nominated to be Consortium members. We are happy to send you a link with the survey’s results.

How much time and financial support is expected of members?

That’s between the member and God. We ask members to commit to pray regularly for this ministry. As part of those prayers, members are asked to pray specifically for God’s leading on how to respond to the needs of particular searchers who come to their attention and on what amount to give annually. We are trusting that God will lead members in ways that do not overburden them. We are also trusting that God will provide sufficiently for Minds Renewed.

How will Consortium members be selected?

Consortium membership is being built in tiers, with each leadership level charged with nominating and selecting the successive tier. All nominees will fill out an application annually and pay a very modest, refundable application fee. Applicants will be reviewed and approved by small committees of members.

Are people other than mental health professionals needed as members?

Yes! As you will see from the lists of board members and special advisors, we need people with a range of backgrounds and skills. Among them are clergy and church staff members, pastoral counselors, social workers, leaders of para-church ministries, other health professionals, educators, writers, advocates, peer supporters, and attorneys and insurance professionals. We ask only that their desire to follow Jesus Christ be central in their lives and that they believe God is leading them to serve those impacted by mental illness and addictions.

Will there be a public directory of members available through the website?

A public directory that is searchable by geographic area and profession will be available for members who wish to be listed. The directory will include the member’s LinkedIn address to enable the searchers to evaluate the member’s fit for their needs. Members who do not wish to be listed publicly will not be in the directory but will be accessible to other members through Minds Renewed’s members-only intranet.

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